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Galicia impresses with the spectacular slopes of the Carpathians. It is there, in the Carpathians, that the Carpathian yogurt is born: among dizzying landscapes, rushing rivers, powerful hundred-year-old trees. If you go to the mountains, you don’t think about everyday life, problems, haste. There you become carefree, calm and free. The Carpathians inspire and fill you with strength, encourage making change and developing. After all, the world evolves, and so are we.

We value and protect the naturalness and purity that the Carpathian nature gives. And this is unchanged. Try it and feel how every sip of ‘Galychyna’ dairy products fills you with the strength, energy and inspiration that the mountains give. Dedicate this moment to yourself. Take the power of the Carpathians! Feel it. As if you are in the Carpathians!

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