Carpathian kefir

In the rhythms of the modern world, when after an active working day you need time to eat properly and regain vitality, the company offers its customers the perfect dinner – Carpathian kefir. It gives a sound and restful sleep, like on a mountain vacation. So that every morning, fresh and cheerful, you are ready to hit a new peak of life.
The kefir starter contained in this product improves the nutritional value of milk and changes the protein structure, so it is easier for the human body to digest. Also, in the process of making kefir, milk is enriched with a whole set of ingredients necessary for digestion.
And for those who are almost never at home, we offer Carpathian kefirs #to_go. “Lightness”, “Freshness”, “Energy” – they will fit even in a bum bag and will help to satisfy hunger during the whole day.